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Thursday, September 07, 2006

September 11

I will be travelling by plane this coming Monday. Although I will make a conscious choice to not live in fear, the memories of five years ago will be closer to the surface than normal.

In fact, I haven't really thought forward to Monday until I watched Ze Frank's the show where he blogged about his memories of the day from a perspective of one living in Brooklyn. His comments are simple and profound.

So in the last week, President Bush has called on Americans to use the five year anniversay of September 11th as a chance to recall the unity that we felt in its aftermath.

It was a pretty amazing unity. We were certainly bonded together by fear, but also by a kind of hopefulness. It was a hopefulness from the experience of the amazing strength that we have when we decide to help each other. That unity was not about the government. It was a shared determination among us to make things better.

The president seems to think that unity implies supporting him and his policies. In my personal opinion the president has no right to attach himself to that part of our experience. He already had his shot

While every other aspect of 9/11 is defiled this Monday,
let us at least keep in tact the memory of what that unity meant to us.

Ze, I salute you for thinking for yourself.


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  • Should we expect any more philotic ramblings in the future?

    By Blogger Marcel, at 2:48 PM  

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